Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cop15 the last days

Cop15 and Hopenhagen are not only located on the City Hall Square but are present throughout the city. For example, on Kultorvet, you could register a video message expressing your thoughts on climate change that was then projected on a geant screen on Kultorvet and also at Bella Center.

On Nytorv, if you hurry up, you can maybe still find the Copenhagen ice bear, but quick the ice is melting (must be the global warming!). You can find the pictures of the original bear on this site.

Picture taken on Friday evening

At the Tivoli entrance door, you can see a movie featuring the Tivoli icons: Harlequin and Columbine (is that their names in English) lost in a desert, then in ice, and finally a wind turbin saves the day by cooling off the atmosphere (guess what: the sponsor is Vestas!)
You can read more about Tivoli climate policy here.

There is many more things happening right now at Cop15 but those were the only ones on my way...

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