Tuesday, December 8, 2009


One of the main symbols of Christmas in Denmark is the Julehjerte. It is a woven paper heart, red and white in general (the mandatory colors of a worthy Danish celebration). This forms a small pocket in which you can place small gifts such as a cake or candy. They are found everywhere: in houses decorations, in shops, on the Christmas themed stamps, the trees.... We even found a book of models: 150 different all more complex than the previous one.
If you are bored during the Christmas holidays, you can find below the explanation for the basic model. You must cut one of each color, then we'll let you guess how to weave! Good luck!

Don't hesitate to send us links to your creations...

Here is our first try, not too bad for beginners!

Sorry for the french version, but I am sure this is quite self explanatory!
Plier means fold
Rayon R: radius R
Longueur 4*R: length 4*R

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  1. Excellent! Haven't made these since I was a kid in Denmark. Am now going to celebrate my first Xmas in America and was looking for some instructions so I can make some for my new American friends :)


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