Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year planning

Getting ready to celebrate the New Year once again in our land of adoption Denmark ... !
This year the Danish cuisine we tried last year will be happily replace with foie gras and champagne french style, we are still on the lookout for local traditions such as fireworks, the Queen speech (at 6) and kransekages.

The Danes are preparing for celebrations. Long queues are forming at the bakeries to buy sweets (including kransekage, the specialty of the new year), at the ice cream shop (eh, not for ice, but to buy fireworks, yes really!). We will also enjoy a glass of mulled wine right before the broadcast of the 37th annual speech of the queen at 6 live from her residence of Amalienborg.

After dinner, we will enjoy the New Year kransekage (almond cake with praline inside) ... !
We chose the "mini-sized" model. The bestseller is "family sized" one, which consists of eight rings of this cake. A pyramid of rings in a way.

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