Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Christmas is really close now!!
To be sure not to miss it (as if!), the Danes use a kalenderlys, ie a "calendar light". You can find them in all sizes and all colors and here everyone has to have one!
For the first time this year, DanskViking does no exception to the tradition! We chose a model not too huge, with designs not too silly (we escaped the angels) but local: Hearts of Christmas (Julehjerter), Danish flags, small conical baskets (they replace the socks around here), drums and stars .

Okay, I have to admit we have passed on the crown of leaves and small decorations that should - normally - dress the foot of the candle ...
In the end we realize that just having to think to light the candle every day is already a big effort!
So today, live, the candle looks like this:

We have not even cheated!

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