Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas meal... a few tips

The Danish Christmas Eve really has little to do with the French one...
Here it is only a main dish and dessert ..! We have done according to tradition (apparently there are not many alternatives to the traditionnal menu): duck with red fruit sauce (tyttebær sauce, we are still not sure what fruit it is), red cabbage boiled with orange, and caramelized potatoes (usually you add normal potatoes too).

For dessert, the risàlamande and kirsebær (cherry) sauce (again. ..!).

That evening, it is the "Christmas special" risalamande, we put a whole almond into the dish and the person that finds it wins the gift (if he did not choke first.) And of course, you must light up candles for an "hyggelig" feeling.

We skipped the Danish songs and dances around the tree, but we sat by the window to watch the fireworks (from December 20 and even in broad daylight ... they really like it here). People are already rehearsing for the big one (on the 31st)...

We are still hesitating for next year: Traditionnal Danish or French style??


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