Monday, December 21, 2009

Julemarked is sold out!

We have already mentionned the Julemarked (Christmas markets) you can experience on Nyhavn and Tivoli (the 2 most famous ones) in December. There is also another type of market at the same period, a rather original one : some shops will open on a temporary basis and sell a lot of items at a single price.
Here was an example last year, on the City Town Square, a store (which was previously a travel agency and will surely be something else in a few months) has sold books, comics, CDs and video cassettes at 60 dkk each on the opening day and then, every day, the price is declining until Christmas. The price for each day is displayed in the window. This eventually ends up by a huge sales between Christmas and New Year, where you could walk away with 50 items for 100 kroner!
Of course the quality of what remains decreases gradually as the period goes on ...
So keep your eyes open for those "limited time julemarked", there could be some good bargains around (and god knows this is rare in Denmark).

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