Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lagkagehuset, the best bakery in Copenhagen?

Walking on Christianhavn, I suddenly became a little hungry (let's see I needed sugar and quick!). So I walked into Lagkagehuset. You can try this for a pronunciation approximate : Laokééhouzeut.

Rumor has it that it would be the best bakery in Copenhagen. When I saw the long queue waiting by the counter (remember to take a numbered ticket when entering if you don't want to wait helplessly for hours...), I would say that this reputation may not be usurped.

You can already find 6 shops in Copenhagen
- Vesterbrogade 4A

- Torvegade 45
- Dampfærgevej 9

- Falkoner Alle 4 inFrederiksberg

Frederiksberggade 21
- Frederiksborggade 6

Why so much success? The answer is simple, just look at the impressive choice of pastries...

Amongst them, I choose the potato cake (kartoffelkage): cream puff covered with a thick layer of almond paste and covered with cocoa

And of course, it is too hard to only taste one so let's indulge with the House special: the Christianshavner. Available in two sizes: big or small. But the real question is what's inside?

And what is inside this little boxe? Calories, of course ;-)

A small size Christianshavner - damned it really was too small: fruits and strawberry mousse on a base of biscuit and caramelized hazelnuts. Really tasty!

A classic "Sarah Bernhardt", chocolate mousse on a macaroon base, with a top chocolate layer. Not the best I had in the city, but still definitly good.

I didn't try the lagkage, it will be for the next visit (you need to be really hungry for that!).

Of course, they also sell excellent bread... but would that really be reasonnable after all those cakes?


  1. Nous sommes déjà adeptes également. Les brioches natures à la cardamome, un délice.

  2. Oh oui, rien que d'y penser, j'en salive!!!


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