Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's a lagkage?

What's a lagkage (as odd as it may seem, prounonce laokéé)? It is a "multi layers cake". This is THE local dessert. Humm careful there, dessert is a big word, as the Danes are more accustomed to eat this kind of cake in the afternoon around 3-4 pm. This is the traditional cake for any birthday - even if all situations are good to celebrate.
This cake consists of layers of biscuit (like sponge cake) alternating with cream. Here for the basis. After that, many variations are possible: almond paste frosting, a layer of fruit, a layer of meringue, praline ...

The quality of a lagkage varies greatly depending of the bakeries (or of the cook), but one thing is certain: you must not abuse it if you want to be able to lift yourself up of your chair!

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