Sunday, September 26, 2010

Danskviking the blog selected by Go! Overseas

Thanks guys! This blog is now part of the top blogs in Denmark....

"Blogs serve as an excellent platform from which to share personal opinions and experiences. As a leader in the global travel community, GO! Overseas takes our commitment to screen quality and relevant blogs for our readers seriously. Users regularly comment on the usefulness of our top blog recommendations in their country of interest. Much can be learned from reading the experiences of others and GO! top blogs help our readers cut through the noise of the internet and head directly to quality and useful content.

Blogs that have been recognized for outstanding content are eligible to display a GO! Overseas Top Blog badge on their homepage.

Go! Overseas recognizes top blogs in two areas:
  • Individual countries. Generally, we select the top 10 blogs per country, however the number may vary slightly.
  • Topics with an international focus (travel, volunteer, study & teaching, among others).
Go! Overseas editorial staff evaluates blogs with the following criteria:
  • New content is posted at a minimum of once a week.
  • A writing style which is both clear and interesting.
  • A website which is constructed in a manner that provides a user-friendly interface and is maintained regularly.
  • A target audience which goes beyond providing friends and family with updates. Our editorial staff is looking for content which appeals to a wider audience.
  • Content that is relatively error free and grammatically correct.
  • A blog site which engages users on the website and is responsive to regular contact."


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