Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And where can I buy a klippekort?

I have been talking about s-tog and klippekort but I forgot to mention the basics. Where do you buy you klippekort? Well either from a shop inside the station or a vending machine directly on the platform. You can also find them in some newsagents.

Other essential info: if you ask kindly (to the vendor, not the vending machine of course ...), you may manage to get a card cover, some even have a line map on them! Classy and totally essential!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Did you klipp?

Essential when you take the bus, bus boat, train, S-Tog or subway: the right ticket.
Be careful here, you don't have to pass any door, so you may well get on a train without even thinking about tickets... (at least in a bus, the driver would stop you). Beware not to try it though, you would soon discover the 600 kr. fine the not convincing
enough "I am a tourist, I didn't know, I am sorry" excuse would get you....
For occasional travelers who do not have a monthly card, never forget to "klipp" a ticket (klippekort) in one of the yellow composter.

Above the composter, a map shows the number of areas needed for your trip. For example inside Copenhagen, you stay in the red area, so you only need a 2 klipp ticket. To go from Copenhagen to Hillerød (to see the amazing Frederiksborg castle), it goes up to nine zone (or all zones) Then, everything is modular. To do that 9 zones trip, you can make a klip on a all zone card (the cheapest option) or one on a "5 zones" + one on a 4 zones, or three on a card "three zones", etc...
When you always want to get the best price, you quickly get addicted to collecting colors!

This is clairly one of the most complicated ticketing system I have ever seen...!

Note: with the card on the right, you have to klipp once to travel with a bike. They really thought of everything ...

The advantages of these cards: they are cheaper than single tickets and can travel in a party (multiply the number of klipp by the number of passengers). Bon voyage!

See this page for 2010 prices (in Danish)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The S-Tog

Here in Sjælland, it's hard to avoid taking the "S-Tog" (S-train, but that does the S stand for? Super-fast?), A sort of equivalent to the Paris RER.
Equivalent, but careful though: the level of service is not the same! Here the traveler has the right to a nicely designed seat, the position of the train on the line appears, and everything is quite clean. Besides the trains are rarely crowded, extra trains are added during peak hours (lines "+"). It changes from the Paris trains ..
An extra help for people who usually do not know where to get off (I know quite a few who can't figure it out), red and black display in each car gives you the list of the upcoming station and a dotted line indicates in real time the remaining time before the next station!
There are 6 lines, each with its associated color and initial (A to H, but no line D and G, why? not sure...).

More infos about the stog (for Danish speakers) : DSB website

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