Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The S-Tog

Here in Sjælland, it's hard to avoid taking the "S-Tog" (S-train, but that does the S stand for? Super-fast?), A sort of equivalent to the Paris RER.
Equivalent, but careful though: the level of service is not the same! Here the traveler has the right to a nicely designed seat, the position of the train on the line appears, and everything is quite clean. Besides the trains are rarely crowded, extra trains are added during peak hours (lines "+"). It changes from the Paris trains ..
An extra help for people who usually do not know where to get off (I know quite a few who can't figure it out), red and black display in each car gives you the list of the upcoming station and a dotted line indicates in real time the remaining time before the next station!
There are 6 lines, each with its associated color and initial (A to H, but no line D and G, why? not sure...).

More infos about the stog (for Danish speakers) : DSB website


  1. When I went to Paris this Easter I was shocked at how poor the public transportation is. You have to open the door manually and sometimes the handles are not so easy to push to the side.

    Maybe it's time for the government to invest into more high tech wagons like Denmark.

  2. Totally agreed... Paris is way behind in the field of public transportation. Some friends told me that the new tramway lines weren't so bad, but I yet have to try it (on my next trip back home maybe ;-)


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