Friday, April 30, 2010

Stay connected.

It's just a tiny detail in our daily life, but it can quickly become very annoying, considering the number of times it is handled everyday (especially during the winter !)... In Denmark, each plug has its own switch, but it can sometimes be located really far away from the plug itself. So you may sometimes have to manipulate two switches to turn on a single device, hence only one chance out of four to actually get some light. Ahhh, the joy of moving abroad!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Want one?

The Danes are heavy smokers! I came to this conclusion fairly soon after arriving here. My naive self believed that the further North you live, the healthier lifestyle you have.... all my illusions were shattered!
At least, I found that they sometimes have design smoking shelters...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Homemade hot chocolate

Raaahhh the weather is still windy and cold... how annoying!
Here is a simple recipe to get hot: prepare a hot chocolate by dipping a chocolate lollipop in a cup of warm milk.
First, you need to have a design mug (Royal Copenhagen of course!) then you have to run to the chocolate shop around the corner... like Chokolade Mageriet in Hillerød.

Dip the lollipop in the mug......

Add warm milk and stir!

Yummy, a good homemade hot chocolate! You need to know how to appreciate the small and simple pleasures of the Danish life... DanskViking, it is the "Amélie" of blogs about Denmark :-)
I am not sure if this pleasure is typical danish (probably not), but it is in my mind as we discovered this recipe at the Danish House's Flora Danica ("maison du Danemark") on the Champs Elysées six years ago. It was our first contact with Denmark and its hygge!

Monday, April 19, 2010

How to make your bike stand?

A strong wind, dozens of bikes down, ... and the Danish imagination start its work. A problem, many solutions... With some of them, you can even keep your saddle and therefore your little but dry when it rains

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is Queen Margrethe's birthday ! So congratulations are in order! She has reached the honorable age of 70. Even if some people already talk about retirement, she still seems to be in pretty good shape...
This year is the first public appearance of Prince Henrik
, born on 4th of May 2009, the youngest son of Prince Joachim.

For this round birthday, even the medias are doing things really big... for example, you can follow live the events of this crazy day, detailled minute per minute on this TV2 page. And discover that Prince Henrik (the old one) is nearly as dangerous as Mickael Jackson....!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter letter

This year we have discovered a new Easter tradition: the "gækkebrev".
Strangely enough, we didn't notice this tradition the previous years. This
must be a proof that we are finally getting to know Denmark a little better...
The principle is simple: just cut a piece of paper in very artistic way, then write a little poem, attach a snowdrop (vintergæk) to it and finally send it to a friend. Try not to make any distinctive sign on it. The letter must be signed with a series of dots where one dot = one letter of your name. The person who receives the letter has to guess who sent it to him. If the recipient guesses right, he is entitled to an Easter egg, otherwise he has to offer the sender an egg himself!
Of course, this is a very popular tradition with Danish children!

I guessed who send it... so I got my egg! Yummy
For the verses, there is a lot of choice
on the internet!
The traditional:

"Mit navn det står med prikker,
pas på det ikke stikker."
More elaborate:
her er en vintergæk.
Den lægger jeg i dette brev,
kan du mon gætte, hvem der skrev."

For models of paper cutting, if you know a site where you can find models, I am interested!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A famous figure

Better than OK Magazine and Perez Hilton combined, DanskViking brings you this week in worldwide exclusivity the picture below, the work of art of an unknow paparazzo (and it should stay unknow for a good reason ;-))
We were walking by Amalienborg when we realized that the really ordinary looking people walking by us were not so ordinary. It was indeed Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, their little one Henrik and Apple the dog (hidden behind the lamppost)!
This is by far the worst picture ever published on DanskViking!

I realise that the only thing barely recognizable on this picture is Joachim's famous hat. This time, you'll just have to trust us....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A strange little car...

The Danes loves biking. But like everywhere, some people are more lazy than others. From time to time, you can see these strange little cars on the streets. Last weekend, we spotted a tiny and very chic old lady out of a luxury shop who managed to fit all her shopping bags in her micro car before slowly leaving.
Note the customizing of the vehicle (such as the small eyes in front).

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hotel d'Angleterre, the most beautiful palace in Copenhagen

Tired by our sugar packed afternoon, we stopped by and enjoyed the public side of the Hotel d'Angleterre (well, not really public, you're supposed to be a guest to enjoy these rooms). In the basement, you can find a swinning pool, a sauna and a fitness center. First floor: fancy small living room...

You can also find a gastronomic restaurant with "champagne brunch" on Sunday 12 to 3pm (we've got to try that!)
You can also admire a huge board carrying the name of all the celebrities that stayed at the hotel.
On the French stars list, let's be honest, it is a bit limited (close to pathetic!), we only spotted 3 names: Catherine Deneuve, Christophe Lambert and Jacques Chirac.

We also noted some nice old sketches of the hotel. Back in 1900, the marketing team described the hotel as "really good confort and affordable, hotel both for masters and servants". You can also see a drawing of "Palmehaven", which in fact didn't change that much.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Soon it's Easter time!

It seems like Easter traditions in Denmark are almost exactly the same as in France ... (bells, chocolate, bunnies, eggs ...).
We have realized that on the decoration side, as usual, it's really over dramatic. For example, Royal Copenhagen the Royal supplier of porcelain, creates every year a porcelain egg with a different pattern on it. A different scene every year, the must being of course to collect them all and build a very filled nest
(an expensive collection!)!

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