Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kagebord, here we come!

Once comfortably installed in the classy dining room, it's time to prepare a strategy to attack the buffet ...
Where should I start ... by the scones?

By the cup-cakes ?

Or by the pyramid of brownies?

It's all a matter of strategy. While the Danes quietly queue, the French reach out to grab a plate, smoothly optimizes his trajectory to attack the buffet by the east side, where it is less crowed, then cleverly use his elbows to manage to fill a small plate under 2 minutes top!

Don't worry if the superb chocolate cake is gone in 10 seconds, the buffet is filled fairly regularly, so you should be able to sample everything.
The chef hurries up to refill the buffet and even takes time to stop and receive compliments.

My favorites: scones with whipped cream and brioches - nice and simple!

The walnut tart was very good too. I am still not sure about the cup-cakes, which tasted weird (the green frosting tasted a little like toothpaste ...).

A bad point for the tea lovers though, you have to cross the entire room with your cup in hand to go and fill it up with the tea pot located on the buffet. Can you imagine the risk you're taking with a boiling hot cup of tea in your hands, walking against a flow of hungry cake maniacs reaching for the buffet-
Funny anecdote, the nice danish lady from the next table didn't hesitate to fill her handbag with cakes before leaving!
Surprise, it's not only the French who behave this way ;-)
All good things have a price in Copenhagen, so prepare yourself to pay 190dkk (25 euros) for 2 hours of unlimited pleasure. But after an hour, an average person will give up...

Leaving the dining room, preparing ourselves to get back into the crazy world and leave this smooth sugar paradise, we check out the hotel lobby for a quiet transition.

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