Monday, April 5, 2010

Hotel d'Angleterre, the most beautiful palace in Copenhagen

Tired by our sugar packed afternoon, we stopped by and enjoyed the public side of the Hotel d'Angleterre (well, not really public, you're supposed to be a guest to enjoy these rooms). In the basement, you can find a swinning pool, a sauna and a fitness center. First floor: fancy small living room...

You can also find a gastronomic restaurant with "champagne brunch" on Sunday 12 to 3pm (we've got to try that!)
You can also admire a huge board carrying the name of all the celebrities that stayed at the hotel.
On the French stars list, let's be honest, it is a bit limited (close to pathetic!), we only spotted 3 names: Catherine Deneuve, Christophe Lambert and Jacques Chirac.

We also noted some nice old sketches of the hotel. Back in 1900, the marketing team described the hotel as "really good confort and affordable, hotel both for masters and servants". You can also see a drawing of "Palmehaven", which in fact didn't change that much.

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