Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter letter

This year we have discovered a new Easter tradition: the "gækkebrev".
Strangely enough, we didn't notice this tradition the previous years. This
must be a proof that we are finally getting to know Denmark a little better...
The principle is simple: just cut a piece of paper in very artistic way, then write a little poem, attach a snowdrop (vintergæk) to it and finally send it to a friend. Try not to make any distinctive sign on it. The letter must be signed with a series of dots where one dot = one letter of your name. The person who receives the letter has to guess who sent it to him. If the recipient guesses right, he is entitled to an Easter egg, otherwise he has to offer the sender an egg himself!
Of course, this is a very popular tradition with Danish children!

I guessed who send it... so I got my egg! Yummy
For the verses, there is a lot of choice
on the internet!
The traditional:

"Mit navn det står med prikker,
pas på det ikke stikker."
More elaborate:
her er en vintergæk.
Den lægger jeg i dette brev,
kan du mon gætte, hvem der skrev."

For models of paper cutting, if you know a site where you can find models, I am interested!

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