Thursday, February 25, 2010

Green marketing campaigns

To welcome the COP15 participants, giant green posters were installed in Copenhagen Airport as early as November. Those posters were explaining the energy savings already achieved by the airport (and the planned ones).

Here, the poster details the qualities of the new exterior lighting to indicate the lines of "plane taxi" ...

There the poster celebrates the water savings realized those last 10 years- using rather insignificant numbers however, you can see this is more a marketing tool than anything else.

On their side,Tivoli started the same type of communication in the summer, thanks to the partnership with Vestas, the famous wind turbine manufacturer.

Tivoli has a long tradition for recycling. In particular, you can spot red stalls where you can bring back your used plastic cups in exchange for 5 dkk. This keeps the park quite clean and there is way less plastic in the garbage!

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