Monday, February 1, 2010


In a few weeks, the Danes will celebrate Fastelavn. But what is this? Here is an opportunity to write a little series on the major characteristics of this event, as we have discovered it in the previous years of our exile here.

* Costumes
* The boller
* The barrel

But first a little summary...
Fastelavn is a semi-Christian festival. It marks the beginning of the fast, 40 days before Easter. Well, most people don't really care about that, but a many cultures have used this opportunity to start a great tradition: Carnival.
Yes but here, the Danes prefer to do this their way, so they celebrates fastelavn.
In principle, it is similar, yet completely different of course.
Well, we'll now say that's enough for the introduction (I ca see two persons sleeping in the back of the class).

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