Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fastelavn costums

Fastelavn is primarily a celebration for children. They must be well dressed for the occasion.
If today everyone celebrates fastelavn (schools, kindergartens, shopping malls and even car dealers), the Church remains in the race and still holds its own events. Children are allowed to go to mass in costume! If you find yourself nearby a church on that occasion, the sight can be quite funny! (here Slotskirke Frederiksborg in Hillerød
, photos from last year's Fastelavn) ...
A fairy teenager ...
an Easter bunny (a little early!)


And many others (spiderman, superman, teddy bears, little devils, Charlie Chaplin and so on).
The toy stores shelves are indeed very busy with costumes since beginning of January (from baby size to adults), but you can also find them in clothes stores and supermarkets...

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