Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let's vote

Today is Municipal elections Day! After seeing numerous signs for weeks in the sstreets and received our Valgkort (voting card) at home (yes, foreigners can vote for those elections), it is time to vote! Of course, we are still hesitating, because it is really difficult to make a choice.
Let's look at some campaign promises: one hot meal per day for retirees, bus tickets at half price, one hour free parking in town ... Huuummmm, tough choice!
An interesting initiative worth noting in this campaign: the temporary opening (approximately 2 months) of a Valgcafe (coffee of the elections).

No, let's not dream, this is not a democratic initiative, a place to learn and discuss freely about all candidates. This is only the place for Social Democrats propaganda, currently leading our town.
Finally, if I had to choose between disfiguring the streets with signs and flyers, or have a chat inside and a warm drink, I find this initiative welcome in this cold period

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