Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas beer ... what a night!

For the official launch of the juleøl, Danskviking sent a team of hard working journalists to cover the event.
And when we say event, it's not a joke! In fact, we were surprised to see so many people downtown on a Friday night at that time! Some bars in the Latin Quarter were nearly inaccessible! You had to stand outside in the cold to enjoy the night!

As tradition rules, trucks brought the beer at precisely 20h59 (symbolically of course) and the tasting began. For some it had started much earlier, but not with the same kind of drink ...

If we enjoyed the Tuborg truck, other brands have used more original ways ... Hats off to the carriage of the Royal brand!

We have seen various giveaways (more or less tasteful) invade the city: hats, T-shirts or even Christmas tree costums (I did not dare take a picture due to the advanced drunkness of its owner)!

A little later, it was busy in the S-tog which in partnership with Tuborg offered the ride back home for the price of an SMS. Good initiative (drink and don't drive), but for some the train has turned into a pumpkin before they finished their last beer ...

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