Thursday, November 26, 2009

A movie?

Tonight let's go to the movies ...
Here in Denmark, the experience is quite different from home (in France). First thing at the ticket window, the lovely lady (you can also choose the lovely automatic ticket dispenser) presents us with a screen representing the room and you can choose your seat inside the theater. What I should say is we "must"! And we should especially pay an extra for the reservation (5 to 10 kr depending on the cinemas). Added to the price of the ticket itself (70 to 100 kr), the full expense for the movie represents nearly the price of a restaurant in Paris! But hey, at least we have the satisfaction of knowing where we will be seating for the next 2 hours ...

Note that here, the further you sit from the screen, the more expensive it gets. In France, people are fighting to be at the front row!
One detail is important: many rooms have reclining seats. It at least it's classy! In addition, some theaters offer the special last row lovers seats (an extra-wide seat). Nice!

Thanks to the numbered seat system, many people arrive at the last minute and thus avoid the long serie of commercials before the trailers ... there are even more than in France! Here you are also subjected to a lot of very cheesy ads promoting local attractions like the bowling or a shoe store on the street corner ...
Last point, here you can not miss the extravagant size of the candy store in the theater lobby ... very impressive! There are no fewer than 65 bins of bulk candy (I have not checked if they were all different but it is very likely)! Add to that displays of candy bags, chocolate bars, ice cream and the traditional popcorn and sodas and a ride to the movies can turn into a dangerous adventure for the liver!


  1. The comment you made about how people in Paris fighting to get the front row is funny. Is it really like that? I mean for the cinema? As far as I know both in my country, US, and a lot of others, back rows are the best for cinema experience. By the way it doesn't get more expensive with different seats. They usually have the same price, I have been to all cinemas in Copenhagen and they're like that, the only difference is that you have to pay more for balcon / leather seats

  2. Thanks... Yes, we have seen many times in Paris people actually camp in front of the cinema for half an hour or more just to secure a good spot in the front...! Don't ask me why I also think it is strange. For my part, I prefer to sit right in the middle.
    Apparently we need to try more cinemas in Copenhagen, but the two we already went to had that same multi-price system depending on where you want to seat (front or back)


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