Saturday, October 3, 2009

The City Hall square

Since we are now just outside of the City Hall again, take a few seconds to look around a bit. The City Hall square host some interesting old buildings.

Tussaud Museum, just around the corner of Tivoli, is a Flemish-inspired architecture.
On the other side of the square, the hotel "Palace" has more of a "1900" style.
A third building, a little more modern, attempts to compete with the city hall with its small tower.
Apart from these buildings, the square is surrounded by uninspiring modern architecture buildings. Everything is covered with neons ads signs that makes the place looks like a Christmas tree at night. Some says it is "interesting" I myself would stick to "quite ugly".
To make matters worse, the pavement has been renovated in a sad grey colour. Add to that a few sausage salesman (in their little cabins) and this potentially the square of Copenhagen which has the least charm ... (although some might say that the sausage cabins improve the place!)

Comments on this picture: yes, it is a neon thermometer! And this is not the worst building ... However, if one ignores all this and digs further, a few interesting details are worth a look ... (more to come)

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