Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time for a good hunt!

On the first Sunday of November (tomorrow), the Danes celebrate St. Hubert, which marks the end of a hunt of 2 months in Sjælland. It is held in Dyrehaven, a forest north of Copenhagen.
That day, the riders in red costums perform an obstacle course through the Deer Park. The race starts at 10 am near the park entrance, close to the Peter Lieps Inn, and ends at noon at the castle of the Hermitage, where a member of the royal family awards the prize to the winner.

Last year, drenched, huddled in the large crowd, I admit that this was not a fantastic day. We had trouble understanding the concept of the race, the route and duration of tests, all of which was quite obscure for the non-initiated and we had to endure the incessant rain ...
I do not know if we are going back tomorrow but hey maybe it won't rain this time!

some clever spectators (and well equipped!)

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