Thursday, October 29, 2009

Juleøl - Christmas beer

In a few days, the Christmas beer will invade the store shelves again. Every year, we have to try some of these specialties. Some are not bad at all: Jacobsen, Tuborg, Carlsberg Semper Ardens Winter Rye ...
The release of the Christmas beer is a national event in Denmark. Carslberg (which also owns Tuborg), which is the leading brewer in Denmark, is the chief organizer of the event marketing that takes place every year. All bars gets the beer that day at 20h59. It's a bit of a Beaujolais Nouveau type of operation.

In 2009 the J-day is happening on the last Friday in October, so tomorrow! Cheers!

Some bottles from last year, just to make you wait until tomorrow...


  1. I always feel rather sad when the christmas beer starts hitting the streets and homes of Denmark as it marks the beginning of the phase of year when the roads become more dangerous, and violent crimes (including domestic violence) start to climb and lives are pretty much lost in a haze of addiction and habit. Silly Season has begun!

  2. Babs: I agree that the Christmas beers marks the start of a very special period here... People feels sometimes they can do anything, especially during the crazy Julefrokost. But of course, not everybody goes crazy, most people just enjoy the fun!


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