Sunday, May 30, 2010


From the Central Station, walk to the City Hall Square, then go down HC. Andersens Boulevard to reach Langebro brigde. On the other side of the canal, you can already see the first leg of our trip: the baths(Havnebadet).

Since the water has been declared clean enough for public swimming in 2001, locals are enjoying the water - when the weather is good enough. To harness all this energy, the municipality has commissioned and opened in 2003 this protected bathing area with diving board and children's pool.
As you can see, the architects were really inspired by the ships stationned not so far.

Of course in the winter the place is deserted (and also closed). See you next year!

This post is part of the Islands Brygge Architecture walk.
Next stop : Havneparken


  1. Unfortunately the weather has been too lousy to even enjoy a nice day out.

  2. I share your distress about the crapy weather!! When is the summer finally starting :-(( ?


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