Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dansk Viking recommends "På cykel i København" - "Biking in Copenhagen"

We visited the exhibition "På cykel i København" at the City Museum (Kobenhavns Bymuseum) and we really liked it...

The exhibition is not so large, but it is - I think - quite well presented. No boring historical line, but a more thematic approach of the bike, in all its forms and variations. The opportunity to discover design bikes, even some really bizarre, the evolution of biking habits and accessories as well as pictures of the streets of Copenhagen at different times, but still busy with bikes. To sump it up, we really recommend it!
Entry costs only 20 crowns (it is even free on Fridays) and the exhibition runs until June 27. Not to spoil the surprise, we will publish our detailed articles and pictures only in July ;-)


  1. this looks really cool! Thanks for the review! Will definitely check it out when we are in town next month!

  2. Tell me if you liked it after your visit...!


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