Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time for ice-skate?

In this period- as almost everywhere in Europe - it is freezing in Denmark ...
The Dares are happy: they can now go out and exercise in the cold: bike in the snow, sledge or even ice-skate on lakes!
Access to the various lakes is regulated: the city council performs depth measurements every day and if the ice is over a certain thickness, the lake can be "officially" opened to the public. Humm that's the theory, as can be seen here on Lake Castle in Hillerød, the skaters are enjoying themselves despite the interdiction sign. Oh là là these Danes, they respect absolutly nothing!

On today's program: ice skating (animal powered or not), hockey, sledding ...

In Copenhagen, the town maintains this page that shows which lakes are allowed (for pictures of Copenhagen lakes, you can check Aimache's page). Most cities (those with a lake of course) offer an equivalent page on their site.


  1. Woow, beautiful pictures! :-D
    Do you live close to the castle?
    Thank you for your links!

  2. Thanks! Yes, we live 2 minutes walk away from the lake... it's a very nice place!


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