Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Copenhagen airport

Many airports around the world are spectacular pieces of architecture (we can of course discuss about Terminal 1 at Charles de Gaulle). Copenhagen is no exception to this rule, even if the airport is relatively small, some aspects of it are quite remarkable.
This applies to the deserted corridor at the end of the path "A". You can admire there a rather minimalist style characteristic of Scandinavia.

Asides from the architecture, you can also appreciate the large choice of shops: you can even buy your pickled herring in the large shopping mall before boarding the plane, in case you have a craving on board. You can also find the most famous Danish brands (Illum, LEGO, Royal Copenhagen ...).
The airport also has its own little mermaid so that you can avoid making a detour to the real. At least you realize immediately upon arrival that it is tiny!

Another practical aspect is that the airport has its own train station and also the Metro. This means that one can reach Copenhagen downtown within 20 minutes and above all, in a relative comfort. That is really a major contrast with Paris!

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