Wednesday, September 23, 2009

China 101

Well, making a Royal Copenhagen plate sounds damn easy.
You take a white plate, a lady with brushes that you just watch working and you put it in the oven (the plate of course), and voila!

Well of course I am simplifying a bit ... In fact, depending on the model, there may be several stages of painting, gilding, more polished gilding, and so on, ... All this is hand-made in Denmark of course which justify the price (at least some of it)! As a bonus, you even get the signature of the artist itself underneath the object.
If you drop the piece right out of the mold, it gives this. Just joking, actually this is a character assembled from multiple print forms.

For the most courageous, Royal Copenhagen offers china painting lessons. There you can learn how to cut the brush end in order to be be able to paint very tiny details and keep it broad at the base to have a back-up of paint. They are so clever... those Danes!

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