Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wennberg silo

A few minutes later, you can see a huge building standing on the dock. This is an old silo of the "Dansk Soyakagefabrik" (a soy cake factory...). When the area was "civilized", the architects chose to keep the building and tranformed it into a residential complex of 16 floors!

You can well recognize the shape of the industrial silos.
As one might expect and as you can see on the building website
(clik on boligerne, then interiør), some apartments must be really difficult to furnish!

Seen from afar, it's quite impressive and the originality of the building is really noticeable! At least the industrial past and history of the neighborhood is not forgotten.

This post is part of the Islands Brygge Architecture walk.
Next stop : Gemini residence

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